Welcome to my Educo Support Network

Hi, my name is Babu Shah and I live with my wife Taz in Northampton and I love travelling the world. We have both completed the Tony Quinn Seminar (Educo Seminar) which we found to be absolutely life transforming and are proud to say that we are now Agents for these Seminars.

I have a passion for health, travel and making work ‘fun’.  Through my Educo Network, I have made many lifelong friends who share my interest and passion for personal growth and true self-expression. My expertise is in the areas of Sales, People Networking and Performance Coaching with clients including some of the UK’s top business leaders. I have created and sold the world’s largest Investment Network and am now building the investment club of the future, The Vision Club. Take a look at my intro video below: 

Our role as your Educo Seminar Agents

Having found the Tony Quinn Seminar to have had such a positive affect in our lives, of course we wanted to share it – firstly with all our family, friends and clients. They completed the seminar also finding it life-changing and together we helped each other implement the great teachings from the Seminar into our daily lives.

Our local Educo Support Network worked so well for everyone that we decided to build a professional network to share that same support structure with others who had completed the seminar. The response was overwhelming and today we have a vibrant and very active community throughout the United Kingdom. We are proud to work with such an enthusiastic and dedicated team who share our passion to be the very best Educo Seminar Agency in the world. See video here below and also view list of Clubs, Services and Events under ‘Networking & Events’ on the menu above.