About Educo

Educo is the world’s only Scientifically Proven Success System. It is the Educational and Success System of the Future – Today. Tony Quinn, the Originator, runs Educo two week Seminars which are truly life-changing, where people learn a totally new approach to living. The results are transformational.

No matter what else you may have tried in the past, nothing stands up to scrutiny under University Research conditions and checked by PriceWaterhouse. Under the ‘Research’ link on the main official Educo website (educoworld.com) you will see astounding results in the areas of business, sports achievement, fat-loss and surgery without anaesthetic. No other approach offers these level of lasting results.

You can visit educoworld.com (the official main Educo website) and learn about Educo, view some videos of Tony speaking about this new Mind Technology and read a fuller explanation of the Educo process. Also you can view video testimonials from people who have completed the Tony Quinn Seminar.

As an agent for Educo, it is our responsibility to look after people – both before they attend the seminar, AND to provide the support and tools that they may require AFTER they return from the seminar.  This enables people to practice the new found ability to IMPRINT the outcomes that they desire in many more areas of their life and at a faster pace than they may have thought possible. We act as facilitators providing the network, shared experience and environment where fellow Educoists share and prosper.