About the Team

We are passionate about sharing this life-transforming Educo approach with everyone that we meet and are so lucky to have a really great team to help us. These are people who have themselves completed the Tony Quinn Seminar and having received great benefit, wish to share it with others. Interestingly, all our team report on one unusual common finding – that by helping others they seem to receive greater benefit for themselves. What a great way to make friends for life.

Furthermore we have the most generous help from a worldwide network of Educoists who, having become successful and extremely busy in following their own dreams and goals,  still take the time to do mentoring guest appearances and continue to share their success patterns with others. For this we are most grateful.

We are agents for Educo and it is our responsibility to look after people both before they attend the seminar, AND to provide the support and tools that they may want AFTER they return from the seminar. Our standards are very high and our support and networking team are passionate about being the very best.

Many people who have completed the Educo Seminar are passionate about sharing what they have learned but simply don’t have the time and resources – well, our network is available to them, just talk to us and join in whenever suits.

We live in exiting times and Educo Mind Technology really is THE ANSWER to creating a world that we can all be proud to live in. Hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Have an outstanding Life
Babu and Taz