What people say

View the videos below and hear what some people who have to say about Educo Formative Learning after completing the Tony Quinn Seminar.

Neera Menon

Michael Littlewood

Taz Shah

Tikki Chalmers

Babu Shah

Godfrey Nurse

Bruce Snyder

Jennifer Woodstock

Sham Vehra

Newcomers to our Support Network talk about going on the next Seminar
The initial part of our job is to respond to people’s need for information about Educo Formative Learning. We will firstly direct them to the official Educo website at educoworld.com Thereafter, we will invite them to one of our information evenings or social or networking events, where they can meet with other people who have completed the Seminar. Alternatively, people may attend our frequent Workshops where they are given hands-on support in applying the basic principles of Educo Formative Learning to a particular Life Goal that they may have.

Many people have reported on how incredibly impressed they are with what they have been able to achieve following attending one of our events.  Therefore, they are even more clear on what they can expect from the seminar itself. The following three videos are of people who have been through our introductory process and are positively excited about going on the next available seminar.

Susan Hawker

Gillian Littlewood

David Elmes