Our network is established for two purposes: (1) To bring fellow Educoists together in the right environment for the practice and application of Formative Learnings as mastered on the Educo Seminar. (2) To provide a broad platform to introduce new people to Educo and the true potential of themselves.

• Educo UK Group Meetings (next one to be announced here shortly)
We host the UK Educo meetings at a number of locations around the country. This is where Educoists come together to share experiences, view the latest cutting-edge Educo material and where we practice and implement our learnings from the seminar. Here we always have some inspiring guest speakers.

• Networking and Mentoring
As Educoists all to often we are unaware of the help and support available from other Educoists. Whatever business field or life-path you are on chances are that we have other members who share common goals and interests but in non-competing territories. You will notice that so many Educoists are only too pleased to share their wisdom and experience. Our job is to make the connections. Contact us today.

• The Vision Club (next dinner/meeting on 6pm Sunday 22nd April in Euston Street, London  – contact Babu for details)
Having founded and then sold the world’s largest network of Investment Clubs, Babu and his team are now creating an even bigger venture called The Vision Club. This is the ideal environment where making money is just a side effect of being a True Visionary. Incredible people are already involved, one is a close friend and someone we can thank for at least two of the modern global technology creations that have already simplified our lives.

This club brings together like minded people who have a passion for inventing and creating holistic products and systems that promote positive change in the world and where profit results from doing the right thing – doing things for their own sake – and where profit in abundance follows The Art Of Living. With an impressive rota of guest speakers and regular events this really is an environment where like minded people co-creators will flourish and share a fun journey.

Our Innovation Club is part of the greater Vision Club and because we already have a number of very successful inventors in our Network, we have some incredible inspiring workshops and meetings. Maybe this is your cup of tea, and maybe you have experience and inspiring case studies to share.

• 24 x7 Support
Although UK based, we operate a worldwide network with members right around the globe we offer a 24×7 support and information network. We have a truly passionate team who are continually travelling to deliver the very best Educo Agency Service in the world. And now with Skype calling and Conferencing we truly are always nearby. Contact Taz for further details.

The Art Of Living Workshops (next one 11am Sunday 22nd April in London)
Each week we organise ‘The Art Of Living’ Workshops around the country. This is where Educoists can send their friends or colleagues into a structured 1-day workshop introducing people to the basics of Formative Learning. Here they get to experience and practice the Formative Learning approach to make a desired change of their choosing in their own lives. The workshop is supervised by experienced Educoists and the feedback to date is always remarkable. It certainly is the perfect introduction to Educo where almost everyone almost certainly leave wanting to know more about this dormant power within themselves. Contact Babu or Taz for further information.

Weight-Loss Education and Workshops
(Held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
Feeling overweight, lacking in energy, stressed unhappy, well than this is for you. Experience transformation, understand your body, your mind, and through nutrional advice, exercise, relaxation – experience transformation, youthfulness – a slimmer firmer, toned version of you, with amazing energy and vigour. So whatever your age or medical condition, talk to us. We have a team qualified and accredited by the NHS, and more importantly we use the Educo Formative Learning introductory approach backed by University Research to be the fastest way back to better health.

We find that our weight-loss information day’s, classes and workshops are a really great way to learn about and apply the basics of Formative Learning. The feed back in this area has been really great with people achieving amazing results by using more of their minds. It is the perfect introduction to Educo. Contact Taz today for further details.

Health Network
Among our members are many people who have a special interest in specialised health and nutrition. We coordinate groups in the UK where we invite along leaders in the Holistic Health field. This is a wonderful forum for information and clinical experience exchange. Taz has a special interest in this area herself so please let her know if you are interested in upcoming events in this field. Contact Taz today for further details.

• Holiday and Travel Club
So many Educoists love to share the company of other like-minded people while they vacation, and what a wonderful way to continue learning. Babu and Taz, through their network, coordinate people with similar interests and set up the introductions to create special-interest groups. Talk to any of our team today and let us know your interest. Contact Babu today for further details.

• Sports And Adventure Club
With many Educoists being into health and peak fitness as a core principle by which they live, we have many members that come together for holiday and special-interest events. If you would like to join this group please let us know and we will get you connected. Contact Babu today for further details.

• Dinner Club
Having come back from your Educo seminar you really did play to meet up with the group with whom you trained, but time passes and schedules get busy. You would love to meet up on a regular basis just for dinner but nobody really has the time to coordinate everyone. We have the network and the organisational skills so why not let us do the planning – you can just turn up and enjoy the great company of fellow Educoists. Contact us today and let us know what part of the country you are living in. We will do the rest. Contact Taz or Babu today for further details.

Invitation to all Educoists Worldwide
We truly have so many great social, educational, business networking and fun events happening – there really is a great buzz. We love to introduce new people to Educo as we all know its transformational effects but also, we wish to invite anyone from anywhere who has completed a Tony Quinn Seminar to join in and benefit from our network and services. If you wished to share your wonderful results since doing the Educo Seminar with others then we would be only thrilled to hear from you. Just contact Babu or Taz for further info.